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Yolanda Rodriguez, HAS

Yolanda Rodriguez, HAS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Yolanda Rodriguez began a career in hearing health in 1987 as a Hearing Aid Specialist. After 20 years of working with other hearing professionals, and successfully serving hundreds of patients, she has chosen to focus on serving the hearing impaired in the Villages.

The number one goal of Yolanda is to ensure your hearing keeps up with your life! As part of the priority,Yolanda will ensure that you receive exceptional personalized care and, if she determines that a hearing aid will help, she will customize the device and the fit to match you and your lifestyle.

Untreated hearing loss can make communicating at school,work, and in everyday situations more difficult, which can result in a withdrawal from social situations and even depression. Wearing hearing aids may restore your ability to communicate effectively, leading to a higher quality of life.

In her free time, Yolanda rollerblades, bicycles, and goes to the gym.

Her favorite sport is soccer..ORLANDO CITY!!

Emily Higginbotham

Emily Higginbotham

Patient Services Coordinator

Emily Higginbotham is new to the Hearing Aid industry. I have begun this new Journey in November of 2018. She has worked in Health Care for over 15 years. She is always striving to give the best of care to all people making sure there needs are always put first and making them feel like they are like family or a friend.

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